In an alternate reality

“Son, once you get married, there’s no coming back. Once you’re married, you’re married. That’s your identity for life.”

“Being a man, it’s your full responsibility to make your wife happy. If you fail in making your wife happy, you have failed as a person.”

“Brother, you must know, you have to keep yourself well groomed for your wife. If you leave your stomach hanging out and your nose hair untrimmed, she’s going to look at other men.”

“It’s a guy thing. You have to know how to fix your own breakfast and make a cup of tea. What are you going to do when your wife is sick or out of the house? Hang around starving until she’s there to serve you? No. That’s just not how we men do things.”

“Keep your wife happy. That’s very important. No matter what happens, never talk back to her. Never argue with her.”

“You are going to disgrace me in front of your in-laws if you do that. You’ll never be successful as a husband.”

“Thank you for doing this task for me. May Allah bless you with a good wife and children.”

“You have to do this degree. There’s no way anyone will choose you for a husband otherwise.”

“I am so angry at you! You are going to remain a childless bachelor all your life!”

“Go help your little brother with his Maths homework right now. How will you teach your children once you’re a father?”

“That’s not how manly boys sit. Sit with your legs closed. And don’t take up enough space for two people.”


I had lots of fun writing this. Add your own “marriage advice/remarks from an alternate reality” in the comments!  

19 thoughts on “In an alternate reality

  1. Haha. So damn funny.

    Here goes my list.

    Don’t you know how to cook a perfect round roti? How are you going to be a good husband?

    Haven’t you ever held a broom stick in your hand? Really, you are planning to be a husband?

    Oh. That looks very dull for your dark face as a new groom.

    I have more. Lol some other time maybe.

    You a dentist too?

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    • I’m glad you think it’s funny 🙂 I think your list is relevant and amusing! And unfortunately, so true.
      Yeah, I am, alhamdulillah 🙂 Cool, so many dentists are bloggers 😉


  2. These are interesting! There’s a few I disagree with but I’m aware lots of people think that this the norm or that certain things such as a degree are the be all and end all of everything lol

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  3. LOL! These are really funny! I’ve heard the current universe version of many of these over time (directed towards me or others!), and I just can’t imagine what goes on in the minds of these people when they say such things.

    Jazakillahu Khairan for sharing!

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