What I’m doing this week

My dream desk on a routine workday.
Qalam podcast is my main line of Islamic lectures. I love the depth and breadth of their work.
I love listening to Michelle ever since I listened to the audiobook for her memoir, Becoming.

I picked up World of Final Fantasy to do some tea room interventions and I couldn’t help sharing this one featuring Squall and Shelke. I love how Shelke makes Squall say what needs to be said rather than tell him what he needs to realize. In the end, the twin protagonist siblings say that they will help Squall fill the world with flowers. Since the gameplay consists of stacking characters with their monsters, it explains why there are creatures sitting on top of their heads. I love the little Moogle on the boy twin’s head and the unicorn on the girl twin’s head.

I’m reading “Self Compassion” by Kristin Neff this week as an audiobook, and I love the experience of having my emotional priorities re-evaluated as I learn that self esteem is not as important as it was always shown to be, and what self compassion truly means.


I’ve been getting up to more writing recently. More on that soon.

Have a nice week, and see you around.