#TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter is trending on Twitter.IMG_0858

My favorites are:

*So what’s your real job then?

*I’m so jealous! Being a writer is so easy! I’d love to be able to make stuff up all day and get paid for it.

*You should write a book about me.

*But what do you actually do all day?

*You’re STILL writing that book?

*Can you help me with this? It’s not like you’re doing anything important.

*So glad you’ve found an outlet to deal with your issues.

And so on and so forth.

What’s your top thing not to say to a writer?

14 thoughts on “#TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter

  1. Haha, this was great. I’m actually very new to the whole idea of considering myself a writer. Right now, I’m still in the excitement phase. But I’m sure I’ll get these responses from some people when they ask, “so what are you doing with your life now?”

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  2. “So glad you’ve found an outlet to deal with your issues.”

    Hahaha classic! Please keep updating this post. Would love to read more 😂
    And that pic tho haha.

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  3. “It’s not like you are doing anything important”…

    Such a hilarious post but sooo spot on! Sometimes it’s not even expressed in words but by implication. Lets keep writing regardless…

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    • Yeah, usually, people just don’t get it. I always try to avoid mentioning that I write, and if it comes up, I do my best to change the topic. I have accepted that I can’t change the other person’s point of view.

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